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Podcast Fellowship

Updated Rules & Guidelines for the Current Corona Pandemic
Step 2)

2. Write brief notes on the podcast.

Step 3)

3. Give a summary of the podcast to a podcast mentor over videoconferencing. The summary should include the overall message as well as 4 highlights. Highlights can include ideas students strongly agree or strongly disagree with and everything in between.

Additional Information:
  • Students must attend at least one social event per month. During the pandemic this social event can be over Zoom. 
  • It should take approximately 20 – 25 minutes to repeat a podcast to a podcast mentor.
  • Mentors are usually your local campus or young professional Jewish educator.
  • Students are limited one podcast per week.
Additional Incentives:

Upon completing 20 podcasts, students ages 18-26 are eligible to receive a discounted OLAMI trip to Israel or other countries. 

Upon completing 15 podcasts, students are invited to share their thoughts with other Podcast Fellows over Zoom and win additional prizes.